Five Ways SEO Outsourcing Services Are Essential

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Is your business struggling to take advantage of the latest in web marketing? If you are not popping up in search engines, being shared across social media, or having links organically generated to your site, then you are missing out on a huge potential market. Are you aware that, according to Internet Retailer, eCommerce is set to grow 13% this year? If you want to earn part of that $262 billion pie, then turn to SEO outsourcing services.

  • Search Engines Remain Dominant
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    Despite the growth of social media, search engines remain the number one portal of discovery for web users looking for interesting content, high quality products, and useful services. As statistics from Search Engine Journal show, 93% of web experiences begin with a search engine. If you do not show up easily in search results, you will miss out on a ton of potential customers. SEO resellers can help.

  • Social Media is Growing
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    The search engine remains king, but social media is fast becoming a huge player. Consider how powerful of PR management and content sharing tools platforms like Facebook and Twitter are. If someone has a problem with your company, they will surely let you know on social media. You can handle it publicly with grace, and you can show other customers that you are a quality company that cares about its consumers. Considering that Facebook now has 1.15 billion users, according to Statistics Brain, that is incredible potential for positive PR. The best SEO outsourcing services offer social media skills along with more traditional SEO reseller services.

  • Focus on High Quality Content
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    It has been said that content marketing is the new face of SEO. Why? Google and other powerful search giants have made it clear that the low-quality, spam-filled marketing of the past will no longer fly. High quality content that offers people a service, according to Search Engine Journal, can be the key to unlocking huge traffic numbers. Marketing Sherpa is proof of concept with a traffic increase of over 2,000% over 12 months of using content focused marketing.

  • Traditional Advertising is Dying
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    As time moves ever forward, traditional mediums like television are dying out. According to LiveScience, TV viewing by Americans dropped by a whopping 7% from 2010 to 2011 and continues to fall. Conversely, 78.1% of Americans now use the internet for entertainment, work, and academics, according to Internet World Stats.

  • They Have the Time You Lack
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    Any SEO outsourcing company can tell you that effective SEO takes time. As written on, SEO is not a one time project. Instead, effective SEO that yields consistent market improvement needs constant attention. Many businesses do not have the time or resources for this scale of marketing. SEO outsourcing services, on the other hand, have that time and those resources.

No matter what sort of business you run or what your target audience is, the statistics show that the web is ever more ubiquitous to American life. If your business is not using SEO effectively, then it is going to miss out. Seek out reputable SEO outsourcing services immediately to start your road to success.