Is Your In-House Web Marketing Ineffective?

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The fact of the digital age is every business, every blogger, every person who feels like they have anything interesting to say has a webpage. According to VisualNews, there were 634 million websites at the end of 2012. By the end of 2013, however, there will be well over 700 million websites. That means over 700 million sources of competition for the traffic that makes a business page, and likely the business itself, a success.

This, naturally, leads businesses to turning to their marketing departments. They are asking for methods of improving traffic. They want better ways to retain readers and engage them in a two-way relationship. However, as Bruce Clay, Inc points out, many businesses do not have the in-house capability to effectively engage in a SEO campaign. For those companies, SEO reseller packages are available to help grow their business.

  • Save Money While Making Money
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    According to Benoted, the cost for an effective web marketing campaign, such as those offered by SEO resellers, is often recouped within one month. Average profits gained from a high quality SEO effort are 10% of what their previous sales were. For example, a company that sells an average of $20,000 a month in product, will yield a $2,000 monthly profit from their SEO efforts.

    SEO reseller services do not only make businesses money; they also save them money. The fact is that training and hiring a full in-house marketing team is extremely costly. Outsourcing SEO is far more cost-effective.

  • Increase Reader Retention
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    Search engine optimization has made a monumental shift toward content. It used to be that writing poor content was perfectly fine so long as the content was stuffed full of popular keywords and farmed links across the web. Since Google Panda, however, that has all changed. Now, writing high quality, custom content is far more important to gaining and retaining readers. In evidence of that, 61% of web users say they are more comfortable shopping with a company that provides custom, engaging content, according to Inbound Writer. SEO professionals can generate that content.

  • Improve Search Visibility
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    According to Statistic Brain, Google processed an average of 5.1 billion searches each day in 2012, accounting for 1.8 trillion total searches. Companies that make use of SEO reseller packages stand to have their search visibility increased through smart keyword inclusion and improved search ranking. In doing so, companies stand to take advantage of nearly 2 trillion annual Google searches.

  • Take the Weight Off
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    SEO reseller packages offer businesses the ability to unload the weighty, time-intensive work of internet marketing onto professionals who know exactly what they are doing. In doing so, businesses can focus on sales, product creation, and customer service. While business owners focus on the parts of business they are best at, SEO outsourcing services are taking care of the marketing.

Regardless of the market, the product, or the service, SEO reseller packages offer effective methods for improving traffic and income potential on the worldwide web. Nearly 2 billion people across the world use the internet, according to Internet World Stats. Using a SEO outsourcing company allows businesses to harness those numbers.