Sticking With What You Know

Seo outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a double-edged sword. On the one side, you have the people who focus on one thing very well (say, making pants), and who thus need to rely on other people to help their business grow (pants distributors, pants marketers, pants website designers). Then you have the people who do the ancillary functions very well (the distributors, the marketers, the web designers), but might need help actually going out and finding clients.

That’s where the whole concept of reselling comes into play. Take your average SEO reseller. It’s possible they may not know the first thing about optimizing a website, but they do know it’s a necessary thing for any business looking to improve their web presence. So they take advantage of one of the SEO reseller packages available from a top provider. Step one, complete.

The types of reseller SEO companies hire are motivated, personable, and driven to succeed. Why is that? Because the types of reseller SEO companies need are people who can bring them clients. SEO outsourcing services utilize the resellers as intermediaries, or as a kind of client locator. A reseller may come to an SEO reseller program with a few interested clients already in mind, or they may be starting from scratch and finding clients once they get hooked up with the right provider.

So step two is for the reseller to connect the clients with the SEO provider, when they otherwise would have been two ships passing in the night. The provider can focus on high-quality, functional optimization, the reseller can focus on getting clients for the provider, and the clients can focus on… whatever it is they do. Making pants, perhaps.