Understanding Shopfloor Metrology – Maine’s Finest


thanks to the enormous advances in technology over the past several years due to the massive advances in technology. Thanks to shopfloor metrology, factories can swiftly and continuously measure the form of surfaces which can be a huge benefit for any production environment.

This machine can measure both medium and small items in the warehouse. It is able to measure from three angles, getting the proper size and length of the object. The device can be altered by the user to handle larger work. The program is user-friendly, so that you can do anything you want to do.

The machine’s head is easily replaced and has a few different options that permit it to complete specific job. The most common attachment is the probhead, that can be used to access smaller spaces. The optical sensor comes one, that has a wider lens to get a better view of a greater of. There is no task that cannot be completed on the reach of the machine.

For additional information about metrology for shop floors, take a look at the linked video.