Whats With the Red Tide off the West Coast of Florida? – Infomax Global

It could be a for health risks to yourself as well as others. Even though you do not wish to find yourself in this position the reality is that you will be aware of an increase in the Florida road tide.

The species responsible for that red tide Karenia Brevis. It’s found to thrive in saltwater environments such as those found off of the coastline of Florida. In addition, it is also commonly spotted throughout various zones along the Gulf of Mexico. Basically, anywhere that has the saltwater environment where the organism can thrive is precisely where it can develop.

Red tide is not to be a subject to any place you might find it. The kind of growth that is seen in this type has an extremely high pH, and it could put you in the situation of being exposed to something you’d rather not have to be. So, make sure you avoid the zones where the Red tide exists, regardless of the appearance.

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