Why Every Small Business Should Focus on Video Blogging

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In the past decade, the amount of time web users are spending viewing online videos has doubled from 3 billion hours in 2002 to nearly 6 billion in 2012. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are pulling in millions of views per day (and in YouTube’s case, billions), and more small businesses are adding blogs to their websites to drive traffic and increase page clicks. All of this points squarely to one fact: Video marketing is not something you can flake on any longer.

When any company — even one looking to resell SEO services — adds a blog to its website, it automatically ups its indexed pages by 434%. That’s a huge percentage. But as a civilization of content-obsessed web users, we crave photos and colors and motion even more than we want info in a standard text format. This is where optimum graphic design can help, but if we’re talking about blogging already, let’s look at the role video can play in expanding your business blog into new, fresh and exciting territories.

Going Mobile

Currently, half of all the mobile media consumed is online video. If the projections are accurate, mobile web browsing is set to overtake desktop and laptop usage in only two years — in turn creating an even higher consumer demand for optimized video content. Think about what video can do for your bounce rate, too. Web users who watch video tend to stick around a website for two extra minutes (on average) just to see it through.

Grabbing Leads

Whether you’re a smaller company looking to resell SEO services or a giant media conglomerate who’s already conquered half of the market, you’re always on the hunt for better leads. In a study of business-to-business marketers, 70% were already using video as a leading tool, and 59% of senior executives preferred video to text because of its immediacy. That means video is still the best way to catch the eyes of your next potential client.

Developing a Game Plan

When you resell SEO services, it’s good to consider the basics of a video blogging campaign. Posting at least four videos a week is a good start, though one every day is likely better. Keeping the content short, sweet and to the point is also a must, especially considering how current web users don’t tend to stick around past the three-minute mark. Finally, purchasing an affordable camera and microphone will save you dozens of complaints and keep your content looking cutting edge.

The best SEO reseller plans don’t include video marketing in the campaigns — yet. But come 2017 (or even 2016), video will likely play just as big a part in online marketing as social media, regular text blogging and, yes, even SEO itself. Better to stay ahead of the curve than to keep running behind the bus.